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Acceleration Treatment

You don't like to wait. You don't like waiting in line at the grocery store, for a package to arrive, or a pizza to be delivered. Maybe you want to straighten your smile, but you keep putting off treatment because you don't want to wait a whole year or possibly more to complete the process. If you live near Reston VA, Dr. Lan Tran and Dr. Shiva Mostowfi have good news. You don't have to wait any longer because at our Orthodontic Precision office, we offer the Propel VPro5+ accelerated orthodontic device. This easy to use tool is used for just 5 minutes a day to help you achieve orthodontic success at-home.

What is Propel VPro5+ Plus? 

Acceleration Treatment Reston, VA

This high-frequency vibration device is designed to complement clear aligners and traditional braces. From beginning to retention, this orthodontic tool is intended to keep the wires, brackets, or aligners in their correct place. At our Orthodontic Precision office, in Reston, VA, Dr. Lan Tran and Dr. Shiva Mostowfi utilize this innovative technology because it delivers clinical benefits in addition to providing you with a beautiful smile.

How Do Propel VPro5+ Orthodontics Work?

During use, in as little as five minutes, you'll gently bite down on the device to support it in your mouth. Keeping your orthodontic materials in place delivers more accurate precision in the long run. You can make Propel VPro5+ part of your nightly or morning routine, and complete your session at your convenience. However, you shouldn't use the Propel VPro5+ device longer than recommended.

Additional Benefits of Propel VPro5+

  • Alleviates pain from orthodontics
  • Stimulates bone growth
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable

Please visit Dr. Lan Tran or Dr. Shiva Mostowfi at Orthodontic Precision if you are searching for an orthodontist in the Reston, VA, area.

 To learn more about Propel VPro5+ accelerated orthodontics, and other services we provide, please visit our website.
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